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Architecture engineering course in germany

Architecture is the art of designing buildings or any other structures and is distinguished from construction. Architecture too is an art, and the design of a building needs to be more than its aesthetic value, it needs to convey more than it stands for.

Architecture has evolved greatly through the ages, but the architectural feats made by our predecessors are something that cannot be ignored, rather they are a source of motivation. The pyramids, built over 4000 years ago, represent the Egyptian civilization and due to its design, it still stands proud and has become a symbol of Egypt. The Eiffel Tower, originally designed to last for 20 years, in 1889, still stands and it too has become a symbol for France.

Architecture has a lot of importance as it has the potential to become a symbol for a group or a community and as such it is not a field to be taken lightly, and the architects who stand out, have their names written down in history.

Germany, being in the center of the Europe, has it all when concerned with architecture, as it has been inhabited since more than 2 millenniaand has architecture from all ages for prospective students and tourists to be fascinated from.

As such, studying architecture in Germany produces an array of benefits, and opportunities to exploit, due to the existence of different communities of cultures from around the world, it breeds different tastes in the design for buildings, which produces exciting challenges for an architect and his creativity!

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