Food / Living in Germany

food and cuisine of german

German cuisine varies from place to place. It has evolved greatly as a national cuisine after centuries of social lifestyle and political change. In Austria, which lies across the border, one will find many similar dishes.

However, the basic ingredients and dishes vary by state. There are many significant regional dishes that have become both national and regional. Many dishes that were once regional, however, have flourished variously across the country into the present day lifestyle. Penta Counseling from Ahmedabad provides information about Food in Germany.

What comes to mind when you think about German cuisine? Right, Sauerkraut and Bratwurst, German Chocolate cake and beer, lots and lots of German beer. Bread is served with almost every (non-main)-meal. Bread is not considered a side dish and is considered important for a healthy diet.

Germans love their cuisine, from sausages to the sumptuous Black Forest Cherry Cake, no one does it better than a German. In the country although, each region features their own style of cooking, dishes and tastes. So, if in Bavaria veal sausages and pork knuckles are praised, Hamburg offers labskaus stew, and Saxony swears by their stolen cake. The different regions are basically influenced by their individual histories and the country they are location-wise closest to. The only common factor it seems is the love for different types of breads, potatoes and meat.

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