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EU Blue Card In Germany - Europe

Germany EU Blue Card

Realize your dreams of Studying in GERMANY!

What Is EU Blue Card In Germany Europe?

EU Blue Card is an affirmed all-inclusive work allow permitting high-gifted non-EU residents to work and live in any nation inside the European Union, barring Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom, which are not subject to the proposition.

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Live and work in the European Union!

The EU Blue Card is Europe's answer to the US Green Card.

The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. The European Blue Card provides comprehensive socio-economic rights and a path towards permanent residence and EU citizenship.

Looking to live in Germany with your family? This is possible for holders of the EU Blue Card. Everything you need to keep in mind, in additional to the applicable requirements, can be found under Family reunification.

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