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If you intend to study in Germany, one task you will be required to do is to get a health insurance since in absence of valid proof of health insurance you cannot enter in a German university. Penta Counseling Ahmedabad and Vadodara offices help students for their health insurance related queries here in Gujarat. German law differentiates between the subsequent groups:

Students from other EU nations who had health insured in their country of origin don't need to insure themselves in United Federation of Germany. With the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) they can directly consult a doctor and use their insurance card there.

Students from rest other countries have to obtain a health insurance in Germany, even if they have a health insurance in their country of birth. This insurance largely coverage lasts to the semester end, the contributions are required to be paid for the entire semester, whilst even if you leave Germany beforehand or had taken a drop out of university.

Those students from other countries, who are less than thirty years of age or have not finished the fourteenth subject-related semester can opt between a private or a compulsory health insurance. To become a member of a private health insurance, a confirmation of exoneration from compulsory coverage is required. This type of liberation is irrevocable during your study visit to Germany. You have to apply for this during the first three months after the start of your studies.

Those students from other countries who are older than thirty years of age or have finished the fourteenth subject-related semester can only get insurance from a private health insurance company

In case you want to consult with a doctor you will have to show him your health insurance card. The doctor will use your card to settle the costs of the treatment with your health insurance. Many doctors in Germany make appointments, so if possible you should try and call in advance to set a date and time for your visit.

For instance, if you are unwell the physician would prescribe certain medicines essential for your treatment and recovery. Though the expense of these prescribed medicaments is generally covered by your health insurance company, the insured individual had to do a co-payment. Normally, the co-payment is ten percent of the medicament cost, however, there is a minimum of five Euro and a maximum of ten Euro per prescription. Notably, the prescribed medicament has to be licensed in Germany.

Few medication are exempted from co-payment. Please consult your doctor for further information. OTC pharmaceuticals usually have to be paid by an insured individual alone.

The insured individual has to submit the prescription at a pharmacy and had to give the co-payment there.

When you got your visa and going for stamping for your visa you need traveling health insurance valid till you will be in Germany.

So you have to take traveling health insurance before you fly to Germany. There are so many health insurance companies provide traveling health insurance but some of them are only valid in the German embassy. So you have to be careful to select your traveling health insurance.

Here is the list of health insurance which is valid in German embassy.

  • For the Age range (six month - seventy years), APOLLO MUNICH.
  • For the Age range (six month - seventy years), BAJAJ ALIANZ.
  • For the Age range (zero month - seventy years), CHOLA MS.
  • For the Age range (six month - fifty five years), FUTURE GENERALI.
  • For the Age range (three month - seventy years), HDFC ERGO.
  • For the Age range (six month - fifty one years), ICICI LOMBARD.
  • For the Age range (three month - seventy years), IFFCO TOKIO.
  • For the Age range (zero month - fifty one years), NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPANY.
  • For the Age range (three month - seventy years), RELIANCE.
  • For the Age range (three month - seventy years), ROYAL SUNDARAM.
  • For the Age range (six month - seventy years), STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE.
  • For the Age range (six month - fifty five years),TATA/AIG.
  • For the Age range (six month - sixty years), ORIENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY.
  • For the Age range (zero month - sixty five years), UNITED INDIA INSURANCE COMPANY.
  • For the Age range (zero month - seventy years), UNIVERSAL SOMPO.
  • National for the age group of 6 months to 60 years (in Schengen Plan to 80 years)

You rented a car and got involved in an accident? Is there material or physical damage? Will you have to pay a compensation? Let your policy cover that.

In case you are unable to go to College / University you have to send a sick certificate to your College / University Choice of Health Insurance in Germany.

In Germany, there is two types of health insurance (Public and Private health insurance) is available so you can choose one of them during your first three months in Germany. After that, if you have chosen Public health insurance then you have to be with public health insurance during your study period.


DAK-Gesundheit is one of Germany's most innovative and advanced healthcare providers. We serve more than 6.6 million members and are the third largest healthcare insurance in Germany. According to a recent study by the consumer magazine “Focus Money”, university students choosing DAK-Gesundheit can expect the best policy conditions, attractive rates and premium refunds. You can find us in one of our conveniently located 850 service centers.


Allgemeinen Orts Krankenkassen, the most widespread Organisation with 15 regional branches having altogether nearly 24 million members. AOK has a special service for students. You can find accessible office locations, directly on-site in many universities and college towns. The AOK Studenten-Service gives you competent, detailed advice when you need it. As Germany's largest health insurance organization the AOK has also the administrative and financial strength to provide excellent medical care at moderate rates.


BARMER is Germany's one of the leading health insurance fund. Our dedicated and qualified staff at over 1,000 branches around the country is always happy to help with any questions concerning your health.


With TK you can be sure of excellent medical care and in addition receive great services. TK is well placed financially. And this pays off for the members: With the TK dividend you can receive 80 Euro refund for 2014.